The Manifesto

Scissor KidMore machine than Montessori-enrollee, the kid is the embodiment of creativity and control. Born from demands for more human efficiency, more routine in place of freedom, more protocol trumping individuality, the kid-scissor hybrid emerges. The kid restores the once lost cooperation between creativity and technology; the scissors cut like they always have. The obliteration of humanity creates its salvation.

With art we evoke, explore, express, contextualize, criticize, communicate, manipulate, merge, and immortalize. With technology, we simplify, control, adapt, solve, facilitate, and ease. Art often emphasizes the product over the process, while technology’s focus is the opposite. The destructive power of technology is well known, but the extent of this power is too frequently overlooked. If technology is subsumed to creativity both can thrive. When technology is put above creativity, innovation gives way to replication.

Armed with process, the kid is dangerous. Consumed by process, the kid is lost.

Crying out in the night, rejected by machines and humanity alike, the kid demands contentment. And what makes anyone more contented than content?

This online zine asks how deliberate our creations are and how much we unknowingly relinquish control to the systems we create in order to facilitate our interaction with the world. Who is the agent, who is the subject, and where is the vanishing point?

The kid’s very existence demands your input. Where do you relinquish control to the process? How do you remain an agent?

We are looking for contributions of the following in any written, visual, audio, video, and interactive media:

Reviews & Appreciations, Interviews, Criticism, Responses, Emotional Responses, Satire, Observations, Artwork, Insight, Therapy and Healing, Musings, Personal Experiences, Politics, Definitions, Imaginings, Ideas and Conceptualizations, Experiments, Group Experiences, Contextualization, Decontextualization, Travel, Subversion, Poetry, Computer-Generation, Manipulation, Fiction and Fabrication, Calls to Action, Cartoons, Social Inquiry, Interpretation, the Mysterious, Rants, Propaganda, Commercialism, Leading Statements, Entertainment, Crafts, Methods, Systems, Techniques, Adaptation, Innovation, Rituals and Symbolic Actions, Ostentatious Claim-Staking, The Avant-Garde



About Kid-Scissor Hybrid

Online zine of technology + humanity with stories both real and fictional. Celebrating and fearing the inevitable!

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