The Straight Goods

Here are a few straightforward bullet points defining Kid-Scissor Hybrid:

  1. Kid-Scissor Hybrid is collaborative online zine about the relationship between humanity and the systems it creates.
  2. The term “online zine” was chosen to describe the tone and aesthetic. Tonally, this publication hopes to be informal, unpolished, idiomatic, profane, and candid. Aesthetically, this publication wishes to bring the rough, hand-made art of zines to the clean lines and smooth, polished look of online publications.
  3. This publication’s aspiration is to be a workshop or testing ground for anyone who wants to pursue a creative project and have it viewed by an small intimate audience. The best case would be for a contributor to begin a project on Kid-Scissor Hybrid, have it grow here, and migrate to its own site once it’s found its footing. In this sense, you can think of Kid-Scissor Hybrid as a collaborative bird’s nest.
  4. Everyone is welcome to contribute to Kid-Scissor Hybrid via email, the submission form, facebook, twitter, soundcloud, etc.
  5. View the submission guidelines for more information about what we would like to see more of, but please do not consider them to be requirements for submission. An online format was chosen for this project due to its flexibility regarding the length of written pieces and the range of media that can be posted.

About Kid-Scissor Hybrid

Online zine of technology + humanity with stories both real and fictional. Celebrating and fearing the inevitable!

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