Become Your Dreams

Before I begin, I will point out my initial assumption, that inside us all is a tug-of-war of priorities, tendencies, emotions, opinions, ambitions, hopes, fears, deductions, reductions, judgments, sentiments, reactions, responses, conclusions, questions, and realizations pulling us in at least nine different directions at once. On top of that is the chorus to a Rehanna song you heard from a passing car and the memory of how tomato sauce tastes. Am I safe in this assumption? I’m going to go ahead and say yes since this tension is expressed in everything we make, say, and do (and think). I know I’m simplifying things, but bear with me. May I continue?

What if you could let one of these tendencies dominate all the others, and you could become the embodiment of it? What if you could shut it all out and focus all of your attention on one thing? What if there was no other side of the coin? You wouldn’t feel a burning in the back of your head whenever you choose a direction because another part of you makes you second guess your choice, or pulls you in the opposite direction. What if all human weakness and frailty could be swept up into a mental dustpan and left at the curb?

Well, my friends, this is no fictional science, this is factual. No longer is there a need for any of us to come to terms with the human condition. No more will you need to reign-in any feelings of doubt or terror. No longer will you need to ignore a dream or desire. You can have it all by giving it all up. All you need to do is choose.

It’s easy, just choose one. Choose a feature of your personality you want to pursue for the rest of your life and stick to it. Train yourself to see every choice through the lens of this feature. With enough self-discipline, you can let all other aspects of your personality whither on the vine as the stalk hardens, seeks its goal, and never waivers. You can become a constant, an invariable. Like an evergreen, you will survive all seasons. You can break through any obstacle. The path to success is singular purpose. Clutch your purpose and never let go. Shield your eyes until you know nothing else. Meet your potential and exchange contact information.

This is not an advertisement for a self-help program or book. This is not a testimonial or manifesto. This is a statement of fact. This could be you if you only let it. Focus your eyes on the horizon and let it come rushing towards you until the land you stand on is imperceptible. Once you let this happen, you will barely recognize yourself. You will be renewed to your purpose. You will be a true individual. You will be singular.

When standing at the foothills, to scale a mountain may look impossible. But, you don’t need a mountaineer to tell you any goal is achievable, any obstacle surmountable. All it takes is focus, dedication, and drive. If you push yourself to become singular you will reach the apex and stand solidly on the smallest ledge of rock overlooking creation and seeing only your goal. Land, sea, and sky will blend together into a constant.

Once you achieve singularity, the blandness of everyday existence will no longer feel stifling. Rather, it will become your accelerant toward the fulfillment of your singular purpose. All thoughts of “what if I…”, or “should I…”, or “will I ever…” will be extinguished and you can return to envelope-licking, data-entry, or other exciting career opportunities.
Does this prospect sound enticing to you? Is this a message you have been waiting to receive? Take action today!

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