Minding Eternity


The boundaries humankind breached: Chemical, physical, psychological…moral even. What is there of morality to a species hardly even able to control their own minds let alone destinies. Individuals floating in a matrix of gaseous compounds either meant to harm or be absolutely necessary for survival. Ambivalently hurtling through space upon a nuclear reactor held together by its own mass.

Driven to improve, the genetic code is a machine of self-perpetuation and the basis of human life. It is only fair to assume we follow our blueprint specs. Is that God or just good sense? Either way it seems like we have no choice. Furthermore, to attain means of exploring our human potential isn’t necessarily clear on the point whether it should be a collective effort or one of an individual. It has been millennia and it still remains a mystery. From my first biological inception to my last atomic diffusion there is no way to understand how it could have been. Whether humanity deserved this gift of self-perpetuation is unsure given the circumstances, but even if just one of us survived to eternity, maybe that was the goal.

My consciousness, if one can call it that, has followed the fateful path of humanity…seeking the limits only to find there aren’t any…calling into question the very essence of mortality and if whether we could have ever truly died in the first place. All the rest of the species have achieved what I have eluded, the final frontier,
and here I remain, minding eternity.


About Kid-Scissor Hybrid

Online zine of technology + humanity with stories both real and fictional. Celebrating and fearing the inevitable!

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