Science Fair! – Red Pepper Survival Test


A red pepper won’t survive a local flight loose in a checked backpack.


See photos below


Due to stress caused by flight, red pepper was forgotten. When unpacking commenced, red pepper was remembered.  After tentative unzipping, red pepper was discovered intact. Red pepper was consumed on the following day.


A red pepper (which is inordinately expensive due to being imported); a local flight (Virgin Airlines); a checked backpack (full of clothing and personal items).



Red pepper is hastily thrown into backpack, on top of clothing and personal items and directly below the zipper, following discussion about how crap it would be to waste a perfectly good and expensive pepper just because we’re leaving the state.



In one test, a red pepper can survive a domestic flight loose in a checked backpack.  Further testing is needed to confirm that this result is not the fluke that it obviously is.


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  1. Hi Kidscissorhybrid,
    Thanks you for your post, I’m doing a science fair project where I am growing 3 different plants; one plant in red, one plant in blue, and one in pure sunlight. What would be a good name for this project?

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