Minding Eternity, Part 1 – A Mid-Summer’s Day

1 – a mid-summer’s day

I had a name, I had a home, I had a job, and I was human.  All these held some sort of significance at one point in time.

They are abstract concepts at best in my present condition as are most of my memories from before my transition from the corporeal to the ethereal.

My journey began, one would say, through pure coincidence, but as I look back now it formed a pattern not unlike destiny.  My name was Thomas White, I lived in Ottawa, I worked as a lab technician, and I was human.  Such as a pointillist painting would be perceived, these details hadn’t quite formed anything considerable until observed at a certain viewpoint as I have the luxury to do now.

Consistently the dreamer and the artist, I found myself open to the idea of transcendence, and coupled with my desire to explore the world as a scientist, I always wanted to believe that there had to be more than what my human experiences could provide.  Not quite the religious man, yet still one of spirit, I set out to find my own path unaware of how far it would take me.

My education had trained me for the field of science and I had found myself in the 5th year of my career as a lab technician doing research in neuroscience, understanding brain pathways and interactions between the biological, chemical, and the psychological.

As per usual, there were always seminars taking place for researchers to meet and discuss their own findings.  Ranging from the environment to the Parkinson’s disease, these seminars were meant to enlighten and inspire others in their relative fields, and one mid-summer’s day one particular seminar had caught my eye.

“The Human Brain Forever” typed simply across the top of a sheet of paper taped to a door outside my lab.   A preposterous notion I must have reasoned, but alas it was enough to entice my curiosity. However, it was not for a seminar, but an application to be part of a research study. Holding the paper in my hand I looked it over and realized that there was no other information but the title and the signature box so I discarded the paper and never thought twice about it.  The intricate ways we find on the path of life seem infinite yet all lead to one inevitability…death. But what happens when death isn’t on that particular path?

As I lay on my deathbed 50 years after I ever read that sheet of paper, a video file was sent to my bedside console and with much concentration and energy I viewed what seemed to be a confession from an old colleague.

I learned, on what I believe to be the day I died, that simply through the physical contact of my fingers to the fated sheet of paper I had agreed to participate in the most human evolutionary experiment imaginable.

As we proceed through our lives we become different people.  This change is only a microcosm in relation to the change our race has evolved.  People die and ideas go with them.  Memories are lost in television static and smoke as cells die off and cast their inferior genetic code.  The human race changed.


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  1. Hey dear from a young womanfan contunue the wicked work

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