Scifikus (Part 2)

1. Murder in the 21st Century

Download a killer

Incubate it in hatred

Email to foe

2. Get a Jobbie

Steam-powered iPads

Wood batteries set aflame

Watch out Steve Jobbies

3. Amoeba in Space

Amoeba in space

Sucking on space rocks (gulp gulp)

One… for the ages

4. Foreigner

Why me!? Speak English!

Foreign maid expresses mirth

Hipsters still suck balls

5. Feeding the 5000

I live in a tube

I see one thing every day

Food for a nation

6. Animorph

Man in dog’s body

Digby was in the doghouse

Wish I was Wishbone

7. Queen Wasp

Insectoid lordship

Royal jelly made of dreams

Much sweeter than wine

8. Space-time continu-bum

Light speed is achieved

The fabric of space-time folds

Hold on to your butts


About Kid-Scissor Hybrid

Online zine of technology + humanity with stories both real and fictional. Celebrating and fearing the inevitable!

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