Acapulco Wackapulco

We went to Acapulco for a “cheap” week-long all-inclusive vacation. I wanted beach and tacos and coronas. My spouse wanted beach and ceviche and tequilas. We got those things. We snorkeled, we held an angry, tiny red octopus, we danced and ate stuff. We were happy.

One day, we were reading on the beach. A ship was in Acapulco Bay, slowing moving beside 3 swimming figures. Someone was yelling at the swimmers through a loud speaker.

“Is that some kind of race?” said my spouse.

“Owno.” I said. “Maybe.” We watched for a bit, my spouse took some photographs, then went to the swim-up bar.

Here is one of our photos:

Does this look like the kind of boat that supervises

a) a race

b) people trying to break a guinness world record

or c) people swimming for their lives after the Mexican police caught them digging up their buried drug money on a resort beach, next to a middle-aged lady on a lounge chair?

Because it was c. And we’re lucky we don’t die of ignorance in our sleep.


About Kid-Scissor Hybrid

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  1. “Is that some kind of race?” ha ha. Brilliant.

    While I’m still not sure what this internet web-log is all about, I must admit I’m beginning to like it.

  2. “Is that some kind of race?” Ha Ha. When combined with the photo, that’s quite funny.
    I’m not exactly sure what Kid Scissors Hybrid is going for, but I must admit I’m starting to like it.
    Keep at it.

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