Book-Food Hybrids from the State Library of New South Wales

Here’s the latest in the ‘book-food hybridity’ controversy, courtesy of our Sydney correspondent, Bronwen Glover.

Here we have and excellent specimen of the crisis of hybridity facing our libraries today.  ‘War and Peas’ — and who will argue that in this crazy modern world ‘Tolstoy’ isn’t a brand?  Deeply disturbing, and only partially edible.
A classic hybrid, surely.  ‘The Gumnut Babies’ — an exemplar of Australian children’s literature, attempting to enrich both minds and bodies.  Successful?  You be the judge…
‘Mr. J.W. Lewin: Painter and Naturalist’.  Perhaps the most alarming hybrid of all!  Completely edible, yet true to the book in appearance (even
the inside betrays the semblance of pages when sliced!) this hybrid embodies all of the cultural anxieties surrounding this new form of brain food.
‘The Velveteen Rabbit’:  a red velvet cake, “by far, the tastiest offering.”  Evidence of the earliest stages of hybridity, less a book than it is a pun.  And a cake.
‘Seven Little Australians’ represents evolution at work:  the book food hybrid sends out spores, seeks a niche market.  Disturbing.  Delicious.

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  1. Bronwen

    The Velveteen Rabbit deserves a mention. Perhaps not apparent from the photo but he was red velvet cake. By far the tastiest offering.

  2. Oh, yes. Corrected, with apologies.

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