Life As We Know It

How are our lives impacted by our environment? Do we consider the environment in our everyday life? Throughout our days, we make decisions without thinking of the consequences. We do not consider co-existing species and their contributions to our current, and more importantly, future existence. At what point do we consider our actions?

A tree is an organism. It converts carbon dioxide into oxygen, permitting our survival. Though it is not conscious of its own life, what right do we have to remove it, to further our development and progression in life?

We are caught in a destructive dilemma, should our exploitation of the environment be restricted to necessities ? At what point does this exploitation become luxurious? Almost every aspect of our life exploits another, even that of our own species.

Every smoker asks, ‘Why should I quit something I enjoy?’ As an addiction, it kills you in the long run. My argument regards society’s dependency on technology, and its continuous development to sustain our existence and way of life. Perhaps a comparison can be drawn between an individual’s nicotine dependency and humanity’s faith in technology. Should we rely on technology to save us? Unfortunately it is not only our species we destroy, but all those within our environment. A machine cannot take the place of a tree, should we expect it to?

Our actions have consequences and we must be conscious of them. As human beings we have progressed over a length of time, and various ethics have been engrained as a result, but why haven’t our ethics evolved on an ecological level?


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