Minding Eternity, Part 2 – Brain New World

With the development of nano-technology, the world was successful in capturing the power of the atomic-computer.   The incredible spike in computer processing ability caused the biggest boom of industry and exploration ever to be taken upon by the nations of the world. Against much fear and protest from a majority of the population, the technology spread to help achieve many wonders that humanity could
never have predicted.

As the early computer era brought forth such rapid developments in the way we perceived our lives, so did the next stage of the atomic-computer, only much more profound.  Nano-machines were used to physically link the earth to the moon with an extremely intricate tether, allowing cargo, information, and personnel into space without the use of fuel burning rockets.

Medical advances were seen to even show in greater contrast, leaving the previous century behind in primitive darkness.  Nano-probes were used to fight cancers and many other fatal illnesses.  Even the most advanced viruses were no match for the sophistication and adaptability of this technology.  Soon, humans (albeit the richest) began to replace their own body parts with ultra-complex limbs made from nanites, the popular term for the infinitely tiny saviours of humanity.

This drive towards such goals led the industries in creating nanites that were capable of self-reproduction, and thus spawned a new age of cheap and available advanced-technology.  No longer was the world dependent on their economies.  Nano-technology had completely rewritten and dismantled the global power structure and within a century a new era of peace was born.

With the problems of over-population, starvation, illnesses, and poverty seemingly gone, the new world alliance began to focus on matters of even greater magnitude.  For decades, researchers in the field of neuroscience and psychology had been waiting for such a time to be able to fully map out and understand the human mind.  Several attempts had been made and several specimens had been collected to serve as models for the burgeoning science, and within days an institute was established to take on the task. My still living brain was one of such specimens to be used.

Although many specimens were lost to early experimentation, measures were finally then taken to apply the nano-technology to the reanimation of the collected brains.  As it happened, I was one of the first specimens to be successfully integrated with the nanites.  I woke up.


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