A Response to a Response from You

Ryan Graham 1

Though you ask me to ravage you,

if I left right now I would:

(1) have to face the cold of the outdoors;

(2) have to find your apartment, which

(2a) I only know to be somewhere on Bronson, which

(2b) is a very long street.


Then I would:

(3) have to perform in bed;

(4) have to wake up tomorrow, and

(4a) regret not doing the work that I had left tonight, and

(4b) regret agreeing to meet my professor at nine.


No. Scheiße. This is simply not possible.

I don’t know how to tell you this.


There is an army of dead soldiers on my desk

reminding me of nothing except how little my death will be.

Deep Thinking - Rachelle Viau, Carli Disano, Stephanie Germano, Sean Sytsma


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