Walken Cooks – Hinternet Who’s Who



“Man Christopher Walken Makes Chicken with Pears”, a Response



“To cook this chicken I’ve got this really cool…French… thing.”


Cooking with Walken,

his modest kitchen vaguely ridiculous

simply for its being Walken’s, and

Walken’s toothpicks, Walken’s Cuisinart,

Walken’s penny-splitting surgical stainless steel knives,

the peculiar need which stole over Walken that evening

to share his chicken & pear recipe with the hinternet:


“And those little caps… they get like little cookies… I save them.”


Animal Collective - Alexis Bannoff and Jeff Dunn









The naked chicken slipping out of Walken’s grip into the sink;

Walken selecting another from the rows in his walk-in freezer.

Walken burning his thumb on the pan, hissing


Walken editing this out of his seamless three minute cook

on Final Cut Pro, in his underwear:


“What I do is I take some of this… fat. And I cut that off.”


Walken’s irritable prostate forcing three toilet trips

before the upload bar fills.

Walken’s missing codec; confoundment,

Walken’s tank-end drip of old pee.

Walken finally calling his nephew

to come help him with this damn machine,

Walken the younger zipping up his windbreaker,

finding in this business

nothing remarkable whatsoever.

The Judge - Dr Fetus



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  1. Ma

    Waaaay too much salt, Chris. And you contaminated everything you touched with your chicken fingers. Don’t want to eat at your place.

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