Kid-Scissor Hybrid Radio

In this first audio version of the online zine, Kid-Scissor Hybrid, editor and producer Sarah Grant and founder and editor Liam Kennedy take you through some of the best and latest content, covering the themes of the publication.

Kid-Scissor Hybrid Radio was produced by Sarah Grant and recorded at her place in Ottawa. Intro and Outro written by Sarah Grant and Liam Kennedy. Content includes the Introduction to Hinternet Who’s Who – Part 1 written by Jes Degryse and read by Sarah Grant, Walken Cooks – A Response by JM Francheteau, Patterson Now! – I Think You’ll Find it’s Pronouncedˈdʒækəneɪp. by Ryan Patterson, and Kid-Scissor Hybrid Presents: Your Guide to Summer Festivals by Liam Kennedy.

Music Playlist (Song – Artist):

AmoebaKitten Choir

PGLMThe Yips

Dancefloor ScandalFire Antlers

The Beauty of DreamingNightshades

O Gatsby NovoKitten Choir

This podcast was originally produced for The People’s Radio pirate station at the People’s Social Forum/Forum social des peuples 2104 at the University of Ottawa and broadcast August 23rd.


About Kid-Scissor Hybrid

Online zine of technology + humanity with stories both real and fictional. Celebrating and fearing the inevitable!

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